18 mar. 2011


Por ser mi ídolo desde que tengo uso de razón, por su obscenidad, por no ser una ñoña, por su Amor eterno, por su terrible tiro en la cabeza, y por haberle dedicado Lemmy (Motörhead) el No Class.

Black Visions From
The Satellite
Deaf Ears Hear Not Their Cries
Fat Jackals Howl At The Moon
Flies Buzzing Playing Death's
Night Ends But The Sun It
Don't Rise
Tombs Open And The Dead They
Will Rise
Black Market Buys Your Soul
[Más Letras en http://es.mp3lyrics.org/EHdh]
Real Cheap
No Escaping What You Sow You
Will Reap
Prisoners Of The Damned
Find Another Land
Planet Of The Lost
Land Of Fire And Frost
Prisoners Of The Dead
Fear The Unknown Dread
Tidal Waves At Sea
Set The Serpents Free
Coup D'etat On A Global Scale
Opposition Locked Up In Jail
Domination The Goons Are
The Boss
Human Race Nailed To A Cross

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